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Felix normal Felix Zombiefied

Hi! I'm Felix,

web developer Javascript Full Stack.

Kill ZOMBIES to get my CV !

moon angry moon

My Skills (0%)

HTML5 & CSS3 cadenas star gold star gold star gold

Javascript cadenas star gold star gold star gold star gold

Node js cadenas star gold star gold star gold

Meteor js cadenas star gold star gold star gold

React / Redux cadenas star gold star gold star gold

Mongo DB cadenas star gold star gold star gold

MySQL, PL/SQL cadenas star gold star gold star gold

Git cadenas star gold star gold star gold star gold

Webpack, Gulp cadenas star gold star gold

Votre navigateur ne supporte pas le canvas, mettez le a jour !
Brave the living dead if you dare !
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Thank you for playing my CV game

Developement and design: Felix DEBON

"Zombies (MatchTwo)" by Jhon Rawman

Portrait of me (and zombification) drew by
Regis Parenteau-Denoel
Zombies sprites by Kandi Maciejewski
Somes images and audio comes from Kenney Vleugels

Fonts: "Cartoon Toy" and "Pieces NFI Regular"


How to play ?

Use your mouse or your keybord arrow keys to move the paddle and destroy the bricks with the ball. You can kill zombies when they are falling using your circular saw (to activate the saw clic on the mouse or press Enter). Dead zombies is good, mashed zombies is better! Some bricks can contain specials stars, absorb stars with the paddle to increase your power. To see my CV you have to kill a certain number of zombies (this number depends on the games difficulty level you choose in the options). To win the game you have to destroy all the bricks for all level of the game.

Good luck !

play pause stop music on music off


but you're not a loser!

The most successful people are the
ones who learn from their mistakes...




Clic left on the mouse to activate the saw


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My experiences (0%)

Software developer 9 months
Radio Data Com Jan / Sept 1998 cadenas calendar location

DAO developer16 months
Altran Jan 1999 / Apr 2000 cadenas calendar location

Radio tool engineer13 years
Bouygues Telecom 2000 / 2013 cadenas calendar location

Software developer8 months
Bouygues Telecom May / Dec 2014 cadenas calendar location

Javascript web developer4 months
CLOTHER Nov 2015 / feb 2016 cadenas calendar location

Javascript full stack developer
La francaise des jeux Sept 2016 - July 2018 cadenas calendar location

React developer
Hotel Quickly August 2018 - Feb 2019 cadenas calendar location

4 x
star gold
= Expert

3 x
star gold
= Excellent level

2 x
star gold
= Good level

1 x
star gold
= On my way to the 2 stars zone

couronne blood

Keep calm and kill zombies!

flying bat